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I will explain.

So There Was This Guy.  He was a nice guy.  He had a sense of humour.  Physically he was my Type.  He worked at my Yewni.  There was some mild flirtage at meetings.  There was him ringing me to ask me things he already knew the answer to.  There were long phone calls and eventually I would ask: "is there a student on the line?"  And he would say: "oh yeah. heh."  And the Daily Email which got longer and longer as we got busier and busier and eventually, you just hit send at the end of the day (only way to keep the threads under control).  Eventually there was lunch.  And a dinner.  Some hugs.  And then.....nuthin'.  Yeah, we were both insanely busy.....but that feeling of mutual exploration and connection....gone.

I may be a strong independent woman who earns a decent wage, can sing opera and also row a split time of 2 minutes 30....but the Excuses started about then.  Not from him.  Nope - from meFor him.   (Oh, if there was a way to insert a death-from-blushing icon here, I would).

But then I got chatting with one of his minions (usual deal with the phone calls which left the students languishing).  This was David, but I dubbed him Canadian Dave.  Canadian Dave asked me how I was one day, and decided that I sounded down, so he would send me some links to cheer me up.  Which he did.  Canadian Dave kept sending me emails and sillinesses to keep on cheering me up.  Intrigued, I made it a point to get to know Canadian Dave better.

Canadian Dave is, basically, adorable.  He is in LUUURVE with the lovely Arash, a persian australian boy, who he basically decided was the guy for him and pursued him and dragged him back into his lair until Arash agreed he was in love with him too, OKAY?  They are off to Canada next year to get married (at which point I apologised for our retarded government and its retarded laws, I mean HONESTLY, it's like a time warp back to the 50s).  He is finishing off a Master of Environment degree at the Yewni.   He likes the same dumbarse TV shows I like, and he is all about the youtubes, introducing me to the mystique and wonder that is The Lonely Island (it is quite something to have someone say about "Like A Boss" that "I bet that's what you're like as a boss, especially the bit with the vodka."  Oh Dave. You are simply too fabulous.)

But the best thing about Canadian Dave is that he helped me remember there is a natural rhythm to the building of a friendship, romantic or otherwise: when someone gets to know you and you cannot wait to find out their opinion on things, and you both like  to do small things for each other and he tells you you are quite fabulous and a great catch and asks you out for dinner (with Arash, yay!) and it's all fine and easy.  Against Canadian Dave's great good cheer, the pale meanderings of the Guy have dwindled into not much at all.

The best bit was when Dave thought the Guy (before he knew it was his boss, then he was even more determined, heh) had been breaking my heart (or giving me the runaround) and he wanted to me to know that he and Arash would sort them out.  He said Arash could look pretty scary, and of course, he was a Canadian.

Oh, Canadian Dave.  *smishes him*
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