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So today I had a moment where I actually knew it was ONE OF THOSE moments.  (Usually one does not, and you have to backtrack mentally when there's been time and perspective...)

I attempted to enrol in my Grad Dip in Music online, and of course got stuck. 

So I sent a text message to Canadian Dave (who I knew was back at work today and he had said "When you get stuck....") and he eventually called me back once the crazy had died down and gave me the missing bit of information.

And so I was able to finally push the button that said: "Accept my offer" while he said "....and there you go, you've just changed your life."

Then just a little while ago I had another moment after reading all the subject descriptions.  this one involved a lot of panicked sweating.  Holy crap do I have a LOT of remedial work to do on my music theory and similar...


Date: 2013-05-26 07:02 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Woman, you are killing me!!!! I am so ectixed for this book! I am so glad that you love it because that means that it is going to be so awesome. Don't worry about the bad luck, because I will do all the gushing for you. I know I have not read it all yet, but what I have read is AMAZING!!!! June 1st would totally make my month. It is my birthday month so even better!!! Thanks for sharing the update!!! And to think that there may be another book with Cissa and Max!!!! I vote yes!!!


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