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Two months since I posted.

Here's why:

July: life's promise shimmered on the horizon as I came into the mid-year break.

Then I got THE LURGY.  Everyone said it was vicious.  Normally I laugh at such things: if I get sick, then I get SICK and then I recover quickly.  I'm a Winter baby: there's always a cold or something in about July when everyone's immune system is pretty much over the cold, wet and dark.

Not this time.  I was sick - and voiceless, which was the very worst thing - for weeks. And weeks.  And I tried to go into work and would last a day and then back I would go to lurk at home. And fret, feel ill, and despair over my voice returning.

Also, dealing with The DeathCough.  I spent a week trying to turn myself inside out.  On the up side, now have a new decent GP.  On the down side: my chiropractor spent almost an hour putting everything back into alignment and then 45 minutes the next time only a few days later.  Being a trained singer, apparently I instinctively engage auxiliary muscles when I'm trying to do something respiratory.  Awesome for singing, deadly for what she called "hypercoughing" (I prefer DeathCough).

But return the voice did, after I completed the divine 36 Hours of Silence (I worked from home, and the only sound I made was the one time I was provoked and snarled at the laptop for being Difficult).  A week too late for a Very Important Masterclass.  But it did, and no lasting damage, according to the folx at the Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre.

August: back to study and work, and still convalescent.

BIrthday.  Ignored it mostly.  Had some people in for scones and tea.  Had a singing lesson or two and felt happy.  Discovered more Grieg.  Life's promise shimmered once more on the horizon.

Then Lurgy 2.0 returned for a final go-round.  It was compressed: went through the Blah in 10 days instead of five weeks, and no antibiotics or asthma steroids needed this time, just lots of sleep, and me making appalling puns.

Also have met a couple of guys online, including a Very Much Younger Occasional Lover (who lives locally, so it's door-to-door service *snorfle*).  In fact, the Very Much Younger men of my town seem to have been sent a circular, and they are all popping up on the dating website and saying " YOU doing?", even though I have my search parameters firmly set in (mostly) age-appropriate territory. 

Anyhoo, finally, I feel I'm coming back up the other side.  I've picked up a vitamin and supplements habit.  I still have eight weeks to prepare for my final recital.  And my darling friends Canadian Dave and Arash have proposed that we all share a house in the New Year and I think I thought it over for about 0.02secs before I said "oh. Okay, I guess."

Plus the sun is shining today (oh Melbourne: I am wise to you. This will be how it is all September, and then October will come in cold and wet and vile and break all our hearts) and I have this and this in the backyard.

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