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I am so behind in updating this journal that I may very well meet myself coming the other way.

Updates: fneh.

I shall tell you instead of a conversation I had with my Singer Enabler Friend Anna this evening on facecrack.  

Anna is the one who got me to audition for my current course, which I am one concert and one essay away from finshing...WOW.

SEF Anna is herself a big and burgeoning mezzo-soprano (although I reckon she's gonna be a dramatic contralto - Valkyries anyone?) and this semester we finally got to sing a duet together, and pretty much blast the roof off Melba Hall.  She loves singing with me because she can sing as big as she likes and I am all "eh. from bar 20?"   Seeing as I have been reclassified as a dramatic soprano and all.

I made the mistake of saying "....and yet sometimes I cannot think of myself as an opera singer."

And she came back with "Well, what else are you?  A gigantic cabbage?"

This is too fabulous not to put in my bio.  "Alexandra: opera singer, and DEFINITELY not a gigantic cabbage."

sometimes the Universe speaks, people, and it speaks of vegetables.  mostly of music.  but sometimes vegetables.

Date: 2013-05-30 11:04 am (UTC)
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giggle. So definitely not a gigantic cabbage.


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