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The Marysville fire was deliberately lit.

I'm wondering if maybe humans should be allowed to be in charge on ANYTHING, let alone a planet.  

Eurgh.  All those people, that history, that glorious countryside, just....erased. 

I sincerely hope they have a very VERY secure cell when they catch this guy.  It would make him (and arsonists usually are "him", aren't they?) the worst mass-murderer in Australia's history.  Heck, MOST countries' history (insane dictators aside).


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I think i've spoken to everyone who (a) reads this blog and (b) is not resident in Melbourne or Victoria but just in case I haven't:

- yes we are all still here (apart from the poor sods who lost their houses and/or their lives and there have been two TOWNS wiped out, dear god)
- yes the bushfires are still going, but at least the cool change has come through in some parts of the country, so the poor firies in the CFA aren't being baked alive as well as roasted.  (Driving in an un-airconditioned car on decent metropolitan roads on Saturday was like riding through Hell.  now imagine wearing fire-fighting gear and staring down the throat of a rampaging bushfire.  *shiver*)
- 84 people are dead, more are not going to survive their injuries.  bugger bugger bugger. 

My Dad remembers Black Friday from 1939, he was four years old and saw the flames glowing through the smoke.   Ironically, his four-year-old mind thought it looked pretty.  In a strange, holocaustic sort of way, I suppose it was.  And this is much, much worse.

At least the government has swung into action, giving people cash to buy something other than the clothes they had on when they literally ran for their lives.

I'm off to the post office in the morning to send a donation to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal.   

I have clothes and things I could donate but I imagine they'd rather just have the money with the whole "Marysville and Kinglake aren't even THERE anymore" sitch they've got going on.


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