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My beautiful magnolia tree (see: icon) is working its way up to flowering.

This one peeled off the first layer today:

Magnolia peek

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Yesterday was Glorious.

Capital G intended. As in: full of Glory.

In the horrible deep grey meh of a Melbourne Winter this sometimes arrives: a clear brilliant day, with actual detectable warmth in the sunlight. The city goes very still and quiet as everyone sits or stands around and does their darnedest to photosynthesise; and life seems a little less impossible.

Even my camera got inspired:

red-veined flower

snowdrop and buds

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We begin in the garden (of course):

Some calla lily leaves. I've learned to live with these things - no matter the level of extreme prejudice that I apply to pulling them out, more pop up in their fleshly way. They're sort of pretty in a "should something this lush be in a temperate Melbourne garden in Winter?" sort of way:

shadow lily leaves

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Then this morning I went and interacted with some human beans, including one little bean not long out of the pod:

Mini-me - detail

These were taken in a dim little cafe that is run by French ex-pats who are happy to provide exquisite galettes and coffee and even to listen to one's not-very-good French. But the most important word in that sentence back there was "dim" - and my camera coped pretty well, given I did not want to turn on the flash and upset the little one.

Still, I think there's a nice warm feeling to these photos - Kirsten (the big bean) has a lovely still quality. Keiran (the little bean) does not. But it's part of his charm. And there was much charm to be had, viz:
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Just add rain! 

Especially if you can duck outside during a break between the downpours, when everything is at that still, cold, drippy, hushed stage of the proceedings. 

Then you get the Australian version of Raindrops on Roses; viz:

wet waxflower

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My Dad and I went to see Carlton play yesterday at the MCG.

(Note to our non-Victorian readers: when I say "play", this is Melburnian shorthand meaning "I went to see my team in a football match nerny-nerny-ner"; and when I subtextually refer to "football" I mean the much-loved, unique and fabulously athletic game of Australian Rules football, or as we call it, "ther footy" (sic).)

(One of the best things about this town is that you can be a trained opera singer who works in a University and lives for latte, and nobody blinks if you are also a rabid supporter of a particular team and can put those operatically-trained lungs to good use at a match. You don't have to choose between sport and the Yartz, is my point. You can have them both. One conductor I know used to come to rehearsals with his North Melbourne scarf on during finals season, and schedule breaks to coincide with the last ten minutes of each quarter, so he could get match updates and god help you if you made noise chatting over your mandated cup of tea during the break when he was trying to get the score.)

My Dad has been a Carlton supporter since he was seven; and he's 75 now and still mad keen about the whole thing. Yesterday was cold and dark and rainy; the players spent a lot of time trying to work out how to hold onto the ball, we were all damp and trying to stay warm; Dad thought this was perfect footy weather and was practically chortling with glee while he shivered.

I had my little camera with me, as I thought a photo of the father/daughter football attendance might be nice. And I thought I'd take a couple of atmosphere shots of the people around us. But not of the players. Cos they were waaaaay aways down there (we were on level 2 of the Ground, and back in about Row H). But just for fun, I extended the zoom to its very outer limits, aaaaaand....

....lookit! I actually made some photos happen! Things to note:
1. Because these were taken on x-treem zoom, some of them are slightly eye-wateringly fuzzy (sorry)
2. Australian rules footballers come in pairs. Always. As it were. And there is NO SUBTEXT. None at all, nothing to see here, move along. And they are manly men, who are very manly. And like ladies. And their teammates. Who are their mates. Because they are manly men. (And yes, I love the footy. But sometimes things are just too bloody obvious for one not to poke a little fun. As it were.)

We begin:

I actually think that someone with a bigger brane than myself could find some kind of metaphor in this photo (the two players seeming so small, stalking into battle; the boundary umpire excluded from the fray, something something yadda yadda) but mostly I just like how it's framed. or composed. or something. This is not what my degree is in, OKAY?

Big Ground

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Jun. 2nd, 2010 06:56 pm
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More photography on the most glorious clear day a couple of weekends ago. (Seriously: fathomless blue skies; clear, golden sun; everyone suddenly acting like plants that haven't had a chance to photosynthesise in a while and turning face-up, eyes-closed hummy little faces to the sun...)

I dragged a kitchen chair out into the backyard and pretended to read for Quite Some Time.

Sunday afternoon perch

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Autumn and winter bring out the pretty in my garden.

Lots of flowers (wait until the magnolia gets going later in the season!) and lots of what my Dad likes to call Things of General Interest.

Have a couple of opening salvos:

Clematis seed pods: No coyness here - these are sperm coiled and ready to go (despite the fluffy covering).
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