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Jun. 10th, 2010 07:18 pm
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It's just such an....elegant idea.

Also: fun!

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.I've been updating my RSS feeds.  And I want to share.

Because apparently I am all about lovely things and making stuff and gorgeous design at the moment, so enjoy revelling in:

Design*Sponge online: despite the intentional asterisk there, oh SO MUCH to drool over and garner inspiration from.  I mean, come ON, this week they are in Paris.  Hot pink leather shoes are involved. *waves arms to indicate the sheer inexpressible awesomeness of this*

Little Birdie Secrets: more down-home and DIY with wonderful tutorials and still full of the whimsy and the pretty (also the practical)

Pioneer Woman Cooks: an 'accidental' pioneer woman who found herself on a property married to a rancher in Somewhere Remote in America with four kids and she does amazing things with food that make it very very glad to be eaten.  She does comprehensive photo tutorials, and has a great love of fooooood, which makes me smile.  And want to eat things.  Mostly fried things.

Twig and Thistle: preeeetty things.  Ideas for the home. Little makeovers.  Did I mention the pretty things?

An Apple a Day: I saved the best for last.  This is a lovely girl called (through no fault of her own) Emerson Merrick.  Emerson adores old-timey things and antiques and vintage and lovely things.  She falls madly in love with found objects and they seem to make her so inexpressibly happy.  She has one post where she spends the day going going crazy and communing with a peaceful old barn.  A little bit loopy, but her enthusiasm and ability to see beauty is a divine gift.


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