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Part 1 of the set-up for this post: so last night at a partay, I spent some time chatting with a person who is in the early stages of transition from male to female (on hormones for some months, fretting about raising the frankly mind-spinning amount of cash needed for surgery &etc).  She was wearing a great corset which I was admiring slavishly, which is how we got talking.

Part 2: the latest Australian census is happening in about ten days.  I have a friend who's a census collector, so I've already had a look at the form.  [personal profile] lauredhel  has already posted on this today, but it bears repeating: there's no allowing anyone to be anything except male or female.  That is it.  Pick one, and shut the fuck up already.

The meat of this post: I was having brunch this morning with three people who I would consider intelligent, tolerant, giving, loving and au courant human beings. I was reporting on the party and asking them if the becorseted one might do okay in a particular choir and how I live in fear of using the wrong pronoun with transitioning/transitioned people.  This led into general talk of pronouns and, wow, can of worms-ish discussion ensued.  They were all kind of impatient with neutral pronouns (direct quote: "everyone else of my friends I don't have to think - but for that person I actually have to stop and think before I say anything." This was before food arrived, and we were all a little short-tempered. STILL.)

There was also some uncomfortable shifting in chairs when I said, that some people think of themselves as gender-neutral or androgynous, yes, but some consider themselves genderqueer.

Blank looks.  All round.  Then peevedness. Narrowed eyes. Then upset at this word none of them had heard before.  There was squinting at me.  I waited  while they talked around it a bit more and then I said "...or you could use the correct term, which is genderqueer."

If it wasn't so bizarre to watch intelligent people actually pause in eating food as a new thing enters their consciousness it would be almost amusing.  ALMOST.

Again: I'm looking at YOU Dreamwidth, that I can be doing that before my first coffee on a Sunday after getting to bed at 3am the night before.

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Dear DW and associated lovely sweet Dwenizens

I haven't posted since early May.  

There has been Stuff.  And Things.  Also more Stuff.    (Up to and including a bathroom renovation where I had to move out; singing comps where I should have handed their arses to the twinkly little divaettes I was up against but I just Couldn't Make it So; being ill; being Ill AGAIN; dealing with Someone Else's Problems (do NOT ask) and oh, many other things too tedious to mention, work amongst them, plus, you know, Winter, BLEG.)

I did not wish to post. I couldn't even start. It is possible that the Black Dog came snuffling around for a bit.  It is possible I was a couple of Sparkles short of a Twinkle.  It is possible I considered facebooking was about my limit (it was a very speshull time).

And yet, all the lovely Dwenizens continued to make my day, by giving me steaming big plates piled high with nourishing, tasty Content every single day when I logged in.  I will not be coy: I devoured it all: fic-fic-and-more-fic, showy-off photos of gorgeous creations, recipes and other droolsome endeavours, people checking in from all over with thinky thoughts, lovely long rants (I adore a decent rant; do a techno-rant and I literally get goosebumps), meta, critiques, linkspams, picspams, and tales hilarious and harrowing from your lives.  I read every.single.word.

It kept me in the world, it made me feel I could coast for a bit, it gave me the message: hey, we're all here, doing our stuff, just join in when you feel like it.

It surrounded me with community.

Thanks guys.

Hugs and cookie recipes


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Because I wanted to be a DWenizen in good standing, I put some of my languishing invite codes up on [site community profile] dw_codesharing  (don't know how to make the little globey thing appear, but here's the link to same).

I put up five and thought: "righty-ho, duty done, back to wrangling my repertoire list, curse you modern Australian composer requirement!"

Holy Cow - in the last hour, I think at least THREE people have created journals (not counting someone else, whom I invited specifically).

Probably preaching to the converted here, but: if you got 'em, post 'em!  People WANT them!

*does happy dance of sharing*

ETA: the lovely [personal profile] rydra_wong  has come back to me and shown me that the account button knows if it is a comm or a person.  Which is (a) very clever and (b) ......completely awesome that some one will actually say "is it okay if I show you this thing which I noticed in passing you don't know about?"   Why yes, I believe it absolutely is.

ETA 2: the equally lovely [personal profile] conuly  has said that there's only one of my five codes left.  I'll put up a couple more next week. I'm hoping these new Dreamwidthians have an excellent time here.
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For those of you reading this on my livejournal: I have managed to get my self a shiny new account over on Dreamwidth. 

Same user name (hooray!) , coding based apparently (loosely) on LJ, but a whole new ball-game in terms of approach (social inclusiveness anyone?) and functionality and oh yeah, not doing dumb, dumb dumb alienating-if-not-downright-hostile  things like the Great LJ Strike-through whatsit of 2000-something that Miss Melinda was telling me about the other day while we were waiting at the tram-stop.  My mouth dropped open at some of it. 

Anyway, Dreamwidth (henceforth called DW because I always spell "width" wrong when I type it) are in something called closed-beta.  Soon there will be open beta.  This is a cause of much rejoicing, also panic.  Well, judging by what one sees.

The development team keep sending emails along the lines of "omgomgomg only X days till open beta arrrrrgh argh argh so.many.bugs. <pause> btw here's another new feature.  Go play, and tell us if it works, k?"

The playing is mega-fun, because I didn't think much about my LJ except "it is a place to put words and sometimes pictures".  So I never really got to set it up from scratch and only slowly figured out how to do things.

I mean, I'm the ultimate GUI user, I have NO idea why the computer and/or the code does what it does, and my standard fix for technical issues is to pout at geeky friends if I get stuck. 

However, on DW I had exactly NO trouble doing the following (using the helpful little FAQs and menus that reduce my techno-angst with FAQs that say "click to go here and then click this button.  And that would be it."):

- setting up the account
- cross-posting to my LJ (weeeelll - except for one little weird thing that happened with youtubery and I reported it with great pride (look! I made an interesting error!  I am helping in my own totally clueless way!) and they said "fix it thusly", so that was alright.
- importing my entire LJ
- except for the comments.  So then I imported again but just the comments.
- sorting out feeds from all the blogs and other sites I like to read to pop up on what they call my "reading page" (or flist in LJ speak, but that always bugged me, because I tend to define "friend" the old-fashioned way.  "These are writers I want to read" sits much more happily.)  I have no idea if this will save time.  I suspect not: they had a list of the TOP 1000 feeds people on DW have subscribed to and I was like a kid in a lolly shop going tickety-tickety-clickety.   Even added a few of my own to the list. 

I'll keep cross-posting to LJ, but I DO like my new digs here at Dreamwidth.  Just thought I'd let youse all know.

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Thanks to [personal profile] zats_clear , who I feel I should do something for.

Er - anyone need anything?   Anyone?  Hello?


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