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I've decided I really rather like Easter.

If you're not religious (which I so very am not), it's really quite a sweet and unassuming holiday; and I want it to be like this always for Christmas/yuletide/insert-solstice-end-of-year-festival-of-choice-here as well.

For starters, there's a four-day holiday in there.  Not just the two days you get for Christmas.  It's an actual break.  You can go somewhere and come back again and spend some time in the middle neither coming nor going (well, not unless you want to, anyway. hee hee.)

There's none of the end-of-year frenzy, (which, coupled with that dreadful feeling of being cut loose after intense effort makes it very hard for me to decelerate for at least eight or nine days.  Hate it.

Easter is in the cooler weather; by which I mean Autumn in Melbourne; by which I mean: quite fabulously cool-by-night-warm-and-clear-during-the-day oh yes: yes please.  Also it's the first full moon after the equinox, which satisfies the traditionalist in me.

We have a family tradition of new clothes (which a little googlage has shown me is actually a very, very old tradition to do with spring and new beginnings) and little gifts at easter.  As well as the edible eggs and bunnies and straight-up-let's-not-pretend-here-it's-about-eating  chocolate. 

And that's all we exchange. None of the horror of Christmas shopping.  Which leads me to believe that what makes Christmas so hellish is the overwhelming choice and literally starting from scratch with every.single.person.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And the last two things I like about Easter:
1. These last few days people have been dropping chocolate eggs onto peoples' desks and smiling and wishing them a happy easter and a nice break and the world has been a teensy bit sunnier for those few moments.

2. I have an excuse to post this picture (which still makes me laugh like a drain every single time I look at it):

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This is why I love the internets:

You can look at the whole Sistine Chapel without
(a) having to go there;
(b) fighting all the other tourists;
(c) wearing down an immeasurable masterpiece a teeny tiny bit by standing there and breathing at it
(d) getting the world's worst crick in your neck.

Consider this my vague handwave to easter wotsit and enjoy!   You can move the mouse around to look at the all the different bits.  The God/Adam panel is in the centre of the roof.  And Oh.Em.Gee: WHAT is going on with those draperies?  Are they silk?  i betcha they're silk.

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