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Apparently there is a thing called More Joy Day, a day on which everything becomes just that little bit more awesome.

As it was on 15th January (which is a Friday which is pretty awesome right there, and one which I ended playing pool at the Red Triangle with friends, so I think I celebrated MJD without even knowing I was doing it ), and as I've been pretty slack in posting.....

......have a couple of Feel Good posts all in one with Extra Fabulousness, because this is a Jossverse tribute which includes not only some fabulous out-takes and Cordelia and Anya being their supremely odd selves, but my own personal crowning moment of silliness-genius-who-can-pick-between-the-two in the whole oeuvre: Numfar's Dance of Joy as Performed by Joss.

Enjoy. As the song says, if it gives you joy....

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Miss Fi pointed me at this one and I LOVE.IT.

Tim Minchin is so so so wonderfully Australian and he sings all the things lurking in the far corners of my soul. The nasally voice gets to you after a little while; but oh. Who cares when he sings stuff like this?

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Sorry about the lack of content - working hard, gymming hard, even occasionally singing hard. Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along.

But here's a couple of oldies-but-goodies to herald the return of FEEL GOOD ON FRIDAY (early-bird edition):

The Boom De Yada Song! (So THIS is where it comes from! Hah!)

What the world COULD be like with just a little bit more choreography (and often IS like inside my head - watching this never EVER fails to give me the shivers....enjoy!)

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There is a strange little man. He does a funny little dance. He goes around the world and dances his funny little dance. He gets the locals to join in and do funny little dances of their own. It's Global Dorkitude on a massive scale.

And yeah, okay, it doesn't sound all that riveting.

But if you can get through this without tearing up, then I'm afraid we can't be friends ANY MORE.


Terminator: Salvation: Let's Just Pretend T3 Was Never Made: The Second Trailer.


Cool effects in the Stratosphere; angst level somewhere in the ionosphere and accelerating.

Could Christian Bale get any grittier and gravellier without actually turning into a craggy geological feature??

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Apparently one can Wii-fit using virtual hula hoops. sure ain't Guitar Hero.

Please DEW watch this instructional and very informational video.

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Only ever watched about two episodes of Psych, but you don't need to know anything about the show to enjoy the quite amzing physical comedic stylings of James Roday and Dule Hill . They're just so damned BOUNCY.

Plus, you know, 80s-movie-about-dancing-boys-flashback. What is not to like?


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