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Or here's some linky-love to my new fave thing to play on eterna-loop on the iShuffle while I'm sweating away in the gym (the Official Music Bods Wot Own It have disabled the embedding, poo! So clickage is necessary.)

Invincible by Ok Go (they of the fabulous treadmill video from some years back).

They appear to be having far, FAR too much fun and I highly recommend it for getting your arse moving.

And what girl wouldn't swoon over a song which starts with the following lines:

When they finally come to destroy the earth, they'll have to go through you first. I bet they won't be
expecting that. When they finally come to destroy the earth, they'll have to deal with you first,and now
my money says they won't know about the thousand Fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes. Invincible.


Seems to be a popular song for the vidders too -

here's one for Plucky Girl Reporter Chloe Sullivan being Terribly Plucky from Smallville:

And finally, and bizarrely, and yet sort of fabulously, as a sort of soundtrack to "Aragorn Kicks Arse in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with Bonus Coronation Scene at the End".

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Incidentally, not a great cat-lover. At all, really. I don't enjoy these so very, very much for the "aww" factor.

And for those who came in late, here are earlier ones in the series:

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Antihistamine overload from being around Guinea pigs, bleurgh. Probably took too many. But: I like having a nose, not an eroded stub of raw tissue, so sue me.

Anyway, here: have a very clever and very very cute all-done-by-webcam-how-COOL-is-this? video instead.

Although the world is a very big place, this makes cyberspace seem all fluffy and villagey.

(I also love this for the same reason I like listening to recordings of the Ecce Sacerdos motet by Bruckner: hearing other sopranos shredding their vocal cords instead of me, always highly satisfactory. Enjoying the fruits of someone else banging their head against a wall trying to sort out the logistics of something so fiddly: man, I could watch that forEVAH).

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....and has rather a lot of fun with the whole plug-n-play options.

Sorry about the music. Still figuring out how to upload same. This is from their pre-uploaded menu, which has many many MANY choices "in the style of".  I'm sure I don't need to elaborate!

But don't I have a handsome family? 



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