catchmyfancy: A honey bee feeding from an eriostemon flower, in sunlight (busy bee) may be that I was a tad harsh on myself for stuffing up the Liederfest final.

Had two huge ceremonies yesterday and I was lierally a wreck this morning. 

Took me forever to get myself up to functional this a.m. despite nine hours' sleep last night.  I literally fell out of bed and made a Wounded Space Dinosaur noise when I did.

Energy very low all day and I could easily have had another sleep this afternoon.

With all that to contend with, is it any wonder I was significantly physically below par at Liederfest, coming as the final did the day after a week of five ceremonies??

so yeah.  um.  Have stopped kicking myself.  Would never have been quite so bright and brilliant the next day, and it was nothing to do with singing.

Next item on the agenda: how to minimise the damage if I end up having to sing after a double-header ceremony day again (and don't think shit like that doesn't happen: they ALWAYS manage to schedule Liederfest after a double-header). 

There are two technical challenges to overcome: body stiffness/soreness and energy levels.  As we have seen, decent sleep does not do an enormous amount for me overnight.  The key may be things such as getting a massage or going for a swim BEFORE I go to bed after the physical exertion.

Hmmmmm.  It's all grist for the peak-performance mill. (Mike the personal trainer is surprisingly helpful with all of this, so next I shall consult with him).

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Say it with me boys and girls:
  • if I turn out my light seven or eight hours before I need to get up, I feel sort of....rested when I wake up
  • if I have breakfast I feel sort to face the morning and (indeed) the rest of the day
  • if I eat fruit and vegetables and lean meat I feel...nice and full; and then hungry again about four hours later in the approved manner
  • if I practice my music I I'm getting somewhere with it and a lot more confident and ready for come what may
  • if I go to the gym at least four times a week I feel....energised and GOOD, really really good.
I've gonna come and look at this post every day for the next week. 

Because sometimes you need a reminder from the Institute of the Bleeding Obvious.

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Otherwise known as "Trying to do Too Much with too little" - ie too much of All the Crap I Gotta Get Done in This Life and too little sleep, food, back-office organisation and support.

I love my beautiful girlie friends (the support is unstinting from them) but they have their own manifestation of the Disease to cope with.

The most extreme form: Elley has shingles.  Okay, so that happens with the whole chemo thing - but I think it hasn't helped that she is frustrated with being unwell and has been trying to do too much, too quickly, and her immune system has said: "Oh yeah?  well now you can just suffer, beeyatch."   And lo, she has shingles and is in agony.  Dammit.

Me, I've just got to get it into my head that I'm o-l-d-e-r now and I have to be more careful - this week a virus that I would have just laughed at ten - even five - years ago - seriously, there would have been guffawing - has laid me low.   The coughing alone has been enough to drive me crazy.

Not to mention it has put a serious crimp in my prep for my May 16 concert.  *grump*  And NOTHING is gonna get in the way of me delivering a blistering performance.  Not even some vile little package of recombinant DNA.

In which case, will drink ginger tea then off to bed.  Hopefully the orthodox easter service vigil at the local church will be over soon - can hear the chanting from several streets away!


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