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Right.  Goals.  Lists.  I remember them.  Even if the effort makes my brain slosh against the side of my skull.

1. Clean up dishes from last week's dinner party.  (yeah yeah, ick, uck, what the hell ever)
2a. Unpack from my trip to Ingrid's and the shopping expeditions yesterday leading to
2b. Clothes washed and out on the line
3. Shower and dress for public consumption.  Because I care.
4. Go into work and set the conferring dates for December again (little buggers didn't GO, godsdammit, some stupid error message I never had before which only goes to show that the geekoid types are actually letting the old system die while they wait for the new one to come online in MAY, yeah, good one guys, meanwhile Academic Records will be back in tomorrow and their grumpiness will know no bounds if the data isn't there).  Also print out a novella I downloaded (showing there is method in my madness).
5a.  Go to South Wharf Borders and buy the missing Dresden Files novel (and also the new Cressida Cowell - hurrah for having a $50 Borders voucher to spend!).
5b. Buy a notebook (as in paper, not a computer) for Beatrice for her 5th birthday on Thursday (and also tuck five one-dollar coins inside it, which should maintain my Coolest Auntie Ever status) ready for postage tomorrow.
6. Drop in to Port Melb and make sure everyone is still not too grumpy; also, spread cheer by taking USB with Dr Who special parts 1 & 2 for them to watch.
7. Come home, get out sewinge machine and fabric and make hat bags for the marshals as a warm-up for the other sewing I plan to do this week.
8. Download some new stuff into my iShuffle, and pack gym bag for tomorrow.
9. Start on new books.


1. Get up and go to gym.  Groan and be annoyed a lot about how have gone to wrack and ruin by being complete blob over Christmas.
2. Come home and have shower and feel fabulously self-righteous
3. Drive over to Kew and get 2010 AMEB syllabus (for me) and L-plate book (for Freddy).  Drop into Port Melb ostensibly to say hi, but mostly to secretly give book to Fred, bless his mindless-object-losing little cotton socks. 
4. Come home and do some more sewinge.
5. Look through AMEB syllabus for LMusA and make a list of possible repertoire for the LMus recital.  Then look through the lists for other repertoire for my other four big events in 2010 (two recitals, liederfest and recording).  It pays to be efficient and just have a master list, from which you pull different programs, so there are no ostensible weaknesses.
6. See if Melinda wants to do brunch or lunch or afternoon tea or dinner or some such.  Hopefully she will also want to see Sherlock Holmes with me.  If not, I shall trot off to Northlands and see it again.

And that's as far as I've got.

free as a

Oct. 28th, 2009 10:22 am
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Am on leave.


Of course, just spent 30 minutes going through the work email remotely and sending them to the minions with lots of "what you need to do here is" instructions.

But that's THEIR problem now.

And so I return to: ahhhhhhh.  

I may get out of bed eventually.  I am getting hungry.  Brunch down at the Maize cafe may be in my future. 

oooh - [personal profile] synecdochic  has posted some new Broken Wings fic! 

Then again, brunch may have to wait a little.  AU-angst FTW!

And so once again: Ahhhhhhh!

Yeah. Um.

Jun. 12th, 2009 11:43 am
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You know that whole: "hee hee hee.  That's bloody funn - er. Hang on a sec....." moment?

It's possible I may have experienced a soupcon, a tiny frisson (and other french words indicating that teensy flickr of "uh-oh" at the base of your brain) of that watching this.

<sighs and goes off to pack for what is now hugely, obviously necessary visit to Ancestral Seat>


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