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I have this week off and Liederfest is in (eep!) NINE DAYS (eeep!)

So Tom the Baby Accompanist and I are doing what amounts to an intensive week - with a rehearsal each day, sometimes two rehearsals, and we are both really starting to dig into the music and pull out interesting stuff. 

Also beginning to 'set' our pieces - I don't know what this means for other artistes, but for me it means agreeing what the hell we are doing at each point in the music - dynamics, mood, colour, sound - and no take-backs or the curse of fatal death shall be visited upon thee (or worse - an uncoordinated performance...)

The immersion thing is starting to happen.  The dead giveaways are:
- suddenly my shoulders are straighter and I can feel myself gearing up and manning up and drawing myself up by my bootstraps
- a constant sub-top-tier-of-quoitidien thoughts soundtrack.  (Right now its Gretchen am Spinnrade because that's what we finished on today).

Speaking of Gretchen: wow, this is a toughie.  I don't have that insane-obsessive-teen-love-heathcliff-heathcliff-romeo-(dear god kill me now)-twilight thing where someone's life contracts down to "with him=bliss; without him=will lie down and wait for DEATH".   Or in the words of John Crichton in Farscape (a much more interesting take on an OTP, and at least with lots more girls-with-guns and cool sentient spaceships): we're so screwed.  And Gretchen is.  Completely and utterly.  And she knows it.   And she cannot stop the slow-mo car crash.  More to the point: she doesn't want to.

Far too many sentences with italics there.  Yup, am inside the Singer Zone, got my passport stamped, and am accelerating away from the border....

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Tom the Baby Accompanist* and I are going to be participating in a lieder masterclass tomorrow.

For those not conversant with this sort of activity, a masterclass is where one comes and sings and then the "master" (ie very experienced person) takes the whole thing apart and then slowly puts it back together bit by bit; and hopefully the whole song ends up better than before.

Other people come and watch. 

It's something like that odd show where that guy in the hat dissected corpses on TV.  Except we dissect music instead.  (also at the end of the process we reassemble the song, rather then having things floating in jars.  I hope.)

Other singers will go under the microscope (scalpel?) as well, so hopefully it won't be too painful.  Also, there's another singer/pianist pair as well as Tom and I, so I shall watch with interest what is said to them.  We are sixth out of eight performers.



Details (if you are in Melbourne and have an interest):

DATE: Sunday March 21st    TIME: 1pm - 5pm
VENUE: Studio 1, Opera Australia, cnr Fawkner & Fanning Streets, Southbank (behind Arts Centre) PRESENTERS: Brian Hansford & Julia Nafisi
PARKING: Australian Ballet Centre
Ticket prices are as follows - ANATS and Lieder Society members: $30 Non-members: $45 Students/Concessions: $25

*so-called because when he first sauntered in to play for one of my singing lessons, he was just an ickle first-year music student.  He is, however, six foot five with arms that stretch out as far as an albatross's wings, lanky, somewhat hairy, addicted to yoga, a country boy but very newagey, and a complete dag.  Not overly baby-like, and yet the tag just won't go away. 

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Ah, we are now deep in that part of the Eisteddfod where I just sit there and go "bwuh"?

I just got 2nd in the lieder section. 

Let us take a moment to examine that statement.  Even two years ago pre-voice-loss this would have been because all the other people in the section dropped dead apart from one girl who sang something sweet and pretty and she would have come first and I would have come second after stepping over all the corpses to get to the stage to collect my certificate.

Now, I place and once I even WON (but that was last year and details remain hazy) in lieder.  I find this whole situation just bizarre.

My singing was okay, but I was on automatic pilot cos I was listening to the official accompanist have a brain melt-down cos she didn't have page 2 all this week and it's a tricksy one and she got about two bars ahead of me but oh thank DOG, it's by Wolf and it's the Modern Musickes and so unless you knew the piece you couldn't tell and thus the automatic pilot (which for this lied was fairly deeply ingrained and which involved a LOT of "smile and wave and keep on singin'") was good enough for second; and me and Janet (the accompaniste) both got the giggles when the result was announced.

I then very ungraciously rang the lovely Jin to see if she could play the Championship for me but she has a concert: curses!  So i shall hie me hence to Janet's this week to practice.  I am worried about our timing.  She made Pace Pace like a DIRGE the other night.

By the way, if you don't have anything else to do on Friday night and live in Melbum and have $6 spare: the final is on at the Hawthorn Town Hall (cnr Glenferrie Road and Burwood Rd) at 7.30pm and there will be seven artistes vying for the Championship and Sally-Anne Russell will sing the Thinking Music portion of the night and I AM UP FIRST so, you know, if you wanted to get some barracking in but couldn't be arsed going to the footy...

here is tonight's adjudication, mostly good, but the woman is bizarre: her ideal is a singer who does the Classic Park and Bark.  Apparently I *gasp* move my head.  So sue me for attempting to look a teensy bit other-wordly:

Nicely controlled opening phrases.  You capture the mood beautifully.  The lightness and clarity are to be commended.  The voice is making excellent progress and the German was very good!   Your posture was much better tonight, just sometimes your head tilts over to one side, try to stand still!  A well-controlled and charming performance! (86 points)

You'll have to excuse me: I am off to stand in front of a mirror and practice being insane, lost, desolate alone and miserable as expressed in many high Bs  without moving.


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