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I was up on a very high hill this morning at 6.30am, waiting for the dawn.

In order to make sure there was one, that the sun came up, and that the seasons turned, the Brandragon Morris side was there too.

They danced, and the cloudy overcast pre-dawn was illuminated brilliant orange and red.

I am not sure which dance was the Other Morris, but we're Australian, we don't do Showy, and Morris people especially don't do Showy, which is something of an achievement for people with bells strapped to their body, wreaths of flowers on their heads, and very large hankies, waving, for the use of.

And the sun came grudgingly up, and we accordingly moved into Autumn.  

Expect spring to be wandering in any day now in your hemisphere.

Then (because  May Day is basically the Morris Christmas-and-New-Year) there was Advanced Picnicking, with tea and porridge and egg-and-bacon sandwiches (cooked on site), and fruit and brownies and home-cooked biscuits, and salmon, cream cheese and dill blinis, and scones, and any number of lovely savoury tartlets, and doughnuts and juice and coffee.  And tea.

Nicest season-turn I ever went to.
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Apparently, this.

Two members of the Melbourne morris side (this is the correct name. Not a group or a troupe or gaggle or a gang: a SIDE) Brandragon have reproduced and got this, all fetchingly decked out in the side's red-and-green.

It is called Lucy. It pushes the boundaries of the cute event horizon. It bounced around on my knee and then fell trustingly asleep on me. It made my ovaries go "clang". agrhlegrhagh.

Lucy the morris baby


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