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Autumn and winter bring out the pretty in my garden.

Lots of flowers (wait until the magnolia gets going later in the season!) and lots of what my Dad likes to call Things of General Interest.

Have a couple of opening salvos:

Clematis seed pods: No coyness here - these are sperm coiled and ready to go (despite the fluffy covering).
More pretty pix under the cut )
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I'm planning a sort of photo essay on the glorious magolia tree in my backyard, but until I can get around to editing and arranging this year's photos, here's a glimpse, taken last weekend as we get towards the end of the flowering phase:

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We would like to issue a statement:

<intarwebs equivalent of slightly self-righteous throat-clearing>

Following the receipt of a number of complaints, the content editor of this blog has been Firmly Spoken To about posting non-uplifiting, non-amusing, non-interesting, train-wreck/car-crash level dross on this blog.  Regardless of how "bloody funny" she finds such material, her Low Tastes will not be indulged again - not while this department remains vigilant.    She has promised to be "all about the classy" from now on, and offers the following to her loyal readers as a form of abject apology:

A glorious sequinned dress from the 1920s

An embroidered muslin gown from 1805 (or thereabouts) for playing Jane Austen in

A wedding gown from the 1950s that goes beyond the Full Meringue

and dipping slightly into jewellery:

Like purple stones?

Now back to something else you could see Kate Winslet swishing about in

And finally: it's all about the accessories, sweetie darling sweetie!


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