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So my dear friend Ingrid has her birthday...erm, today (it's been today for about 32 minutes).

A year ago I promised to make her a peg bag for her birthday - and today I finally came good on the promise (loud cheers).

The fabric I chose surprised me - I dragged out all manner of prints, but (and I was delighted to finally hear it, it's been a case of: it doesn't call , it doesn't write) this fabric keep popping up and saying "me! you know I'm the right one! pick me! meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" and as all the rest remained obdurately silent, this one got the gig.


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(see? and not once did I mention the word "pegging" or the phrase "pegging technique" because I am all about the Classy).
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Here are the Prototype II shoes.

No idea how to hunt down some leather for soles, so I've cobbled (boom boom!) together a solution: a fabric sole covered later by this sort of rubbery "grip-it" stuff. Pros: easy to cut, extra cushioning. Cons: really REALLY grippy - so it can't be sewn using a machine - had to do it by hand. (meh - quite soothing to sit and hand-finish really).

This pair are for Ingrid. I chose the fabric thinking it was not too girly. Turns out it is actually very pretty and fresh and with the white lining there's a distinct whiff of 'an Austen adaptation as done by the BBC' about it (not that they would have used grip-it, but you get the general idea...). And Miss Ingrid, for all her engineering and revhead leanings, likes the pretty-pretty (especially if it's got that whiff of vintage/classic about it), so these should cheer her up when she wears them (I hope!).

Now while I'm waiting for my sister and sister-in-law to get off their arses and send me foot tracings of my nieces so I can make them all a pair for Easter, next on the agenda is re-making the Bunny Shoes for Miss Melinda.

Shoes II glamour shot

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So my parents had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration this weekend.   We took them away to a nice hotel and had a family weekend (and it was just super).

We even had a photo-call for the family with the lovely and very talented Juliet Morris.  Mother was all "no no, just happy snaps" and I was all "no, no, there are some things you get a professional in for, and this is one of them."   Surprisingly, she demurred (especially after I sent her the link to Juliet's website), because by then we had momentum and she did not wish to be squished by the juggernaut.

Here's the happy (if slightly overwhelmed couple) next to the duckpond at Lindenwarrah:

Desperate amounts of Teh Cute, yes?  Mother looks a little wild around the eyes because about half an hour previously we had presented them with a quilt to which we had all contributed and which we started at Christmas last year.

My sister was the project manager for the very obvious reason that she actually knows how to quilt and is a bit of a fabric tragic. 

My brother and sister-in-law cut and sewed about 30 blocks; and I was general dogsbody (cutting out, pattern and fabric choice, cups of tea, cheerleading and a couple of specific tasks, of which more below).

Here is what we gave them:

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So I made a clutch bag and helped with getting Ingrid's outfit sorted out to be a maid of honour at her friends' wedding today.

I was hoping to see some pix of the whole shebang a bit later in the week........but this evening there was a phone call, followed shortly by a tired and slightly-wild-around-the-eyes Miss Ingy arriving to park herself on her favourite easy chair in my loungeroom, demanding tea, hugs and attention, and not necessarily in that order.  

My diagnosis:  classic bridesmaid syndrome - all the stress and carry-on and preparation and worry - and at the end of it, her cause was not advanced.  Happy her friends were married and everything went off well, but she needed to decompress.

Win-win all round - I got to see THE OUTFIT, in real time with all her hair and makeup still done and admire the finished effect slavishly and take many photos - none of this was a hardship, given my Thing about vintage dresses, and the fact that we had pretty much dressed her By Committee, and the finished product did us all proud.

She looked like she had stepped from 1967 straight into 2009, and she carried it off superbly:

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So Ingrid is off to be a Maid of Honour today at a friend's wedding.

She has the.most.gorgeous vintage 60s aqua-blue coat dress (as in a sleeveless dress with matching coat) to wear and the last month or so has been a slow and steady accumulation of the accessories to go with it for what Melinda told me yesterday quite sternly was an evocation of the 60s, NOT cos-playing them.  (And you get ten points if you know exactly what the distinction is...*grin*)

As Ingrid is Engie Girl, she has approached it systematically: ie consult with people who know about fabrics and shoes and...things.  And that would be me. With occasional external consults with experts (ie my mum, who actually was a stylish young woman in the 60s and who had definite Views on Heel Height). 

I agreed to make Ingrid a bag and went and immediately found (as in: I walked in the door and there it was) the most beautiful fabric at spotlight, which picked up the blue but had enough contrast with the pale bronze background to make it interesting.  We put it against the dress worked.  (Cue Alexandra wiping metaphorical sweat beads from her brow at this point). 

Ingrid took the bag fabric off shoe-shopping and got something that toned in with it, so there was no escape: the bag had to be made or else there would be no crucial toning tie-in between the dress and the shoes.  And we all know what happens when THAT goes wrong.

And so I found myself the other night with a pile of fabric, some plastic for inserts, some thread and a deadline and wondering if I could remember how to sew - it has been a while.  And the sewing machine did NOT like the fabric and thus much hand-finishing was required; and my gussets didn't match (oooer, Vicar); and the thread on the bobbin was not wound correctly and I rediscovered dormant parts of my vocabulary in the process.

But when I fell into bed, I had cobbled this together:

The button is very probably from that era - I "inherited" it when my mother cleaned out her button-box and goodness only knows where she got it from.  It's so OTT, I never thought I could use it, and thought my great-great-nieces would probably end up with it in their button collections etc etc.

But when I went through the button-box on Friday night to dig out some feature buttons, I kept coming back to this one, but thought Ingrid might not like it...and the thought of having to unpick it and leaving a hole in the fabric made my brain itchy.

In the end I just chucked all the candidates in a plastic bag with thread, needle and scissors and took them into work with me yesterday.  Between ceremonies I showed them all to ingrid who immediately said "the big shiny one" and almost refused to look at the more subdued buttons.

So I sewed it on and voila: wearable art!  Here is Ingrid modelling the bag:

And now I cannot WAIT to see pictures of how the whole ensemble looked, especially as Miss Ingrid will have an up-do and professional make-up done.....

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Finally went to Spotlight today and got some silk satin and polar fleece to make Elley some more silk-lined scarves.  

The first one I made her a couple of years ago is a fetching deep plum polar fleece on one side with some embroidered flowers.  On the other it is bright pink silk.  I have a Thing about making Winter babies warm stuff for their birthdays, and I wanted to give Elley something lush.  Hence the scarf, which was very well received; used every single day when it was colder, and now Elley has cancer, is literally worn constantly as her body temperature does weird weird things. 

While it is terribly flattering that while she is like this she won't take scarf off (she claims that putting it over her mouth and nose and breathing through it helps her not to cough in cold air; also, she SLEEPS in it, people), I am a little worried about a Linus/Blanket situation developing.

Ah - who am I kidding - I took it off her today to measure it up and she started meeping at me until I gave it back.   Now she has the buzz cut hairstyle her eyes are enormous and she can do the  Stricken/Deprived/You MONSTER look really, really well.  As in: better than any of my nieces, all of whom are under 10, have The Eyes and a cuteness factor off the scale, so I know that whereof I blog.

I just worry about Elley keeping herself Naice (she says diplomatically).

So I'll be making her another two or three scarves tomorrow.  And a purple satin pillowcase.  And hopefully a couple of satin-lined beanies. 

The satin-lining and pillowcases are to help her with the Velcrohead thing.  Once she shaved off her hair to a Number 1, we realised she had all these whorls and divergent hair growth patterns on her scalp which pretty much act like velcro if she puts her head down on a cotton pillowcase or puts any kind of fleece, felt, crochet or woollen hats or beanies on (which would be all the ones you can get).  The satin is so she can stop sleeping in a hat.  Or at least give her a nice satin-lined hat to sleep in. 

As I said to Elley today: don't think of it as a life-threatening illness.  Think of it as a chance to really accessorise
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 Deep, DEEP in the middle of WhinyStudentFest right about now.

All rather tedious; and when I say no, they tend to drive off in a vintage 1957 snit.

But sometimes - oh yes, there are sometimeses(es), like this afternoon when one student actually started listening to himself in the midst of some long convoluted explanation about why I should give him What He Wanted and interrupted himself with: "Heh.  You know what? That's a pathetic reason.  Never mind.  Sorry to bother you" and hung up.

Only the fact that I was sitting there with a dropped jaw (plus, you know, six years of resolve-hardening in the fiery furnace that  is Yewni stewent admin and this is my dance space and that is your dance space) stopped me from offering to immediately have all of his babies.

Have been to the gym.  There was gruntage and drippage and, you know, the usual.  A new Hot Boy Sprinter on the block.  *yawn*

Home to make PJ pants for Miss Ingrid and  throw out some stuff like one of those slopey grills and other bits and pieces that are cluttering up the house.  The Parental Units will be in residence on Friday, after all.
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Went and got a zipper foot on the weekend and then there was something of a sewinge frenzy.

Will get Miss Mel or [profile] whooz_queen to take some digital photoz at some point to post here. (Digital camera still No 4 on list of Things to Get with Money Once Debts Paid.)

Basically I went nuts doing bags, including a couple that have been cut out for about 18 months and just needed sewing up.  Sewn up they were - a bit dodgy because I WILL do things by eye instead of using my set-square ruler, but still all very cute, and a good warm-up for the things I want to make as presents this year.

I'm also fairly sure that this outburst of creativity is in no small part due to getting the Intarwebs and being all inspired by what everyone out there is doing (so many fabulous things, I could look all day at them, I LOVE that there are so many people making lovely things).

But also, I think, due to THE SITUATION at work at the moment.  One of the ladies at work likes to build a diorama for Christmas every year in her house...and she has already started. Funny, that.

It's a primal, superstitious sort of thing - the act of Creation to banish the spectre of un-Creation - or at least to keep it at bay for a little while. 

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A curse and, you know, stuff, on [profile] whooz_queen, for she keeps sending me Things To Do!

First she sent me this, and idiot here went: "Hmmm - that doesn't look so hard", completely forgetting that if there is one thing that brings me Undone, it is bias binding.

Still, on the second attempt it kinda sorta worked but then I didn't as such LIKE the fabric.  I mean, I liked the fabric but I didn't want it around me all day long. 

So I left it on the Architect of My Doom's keyboard and she snaffled it in very quick order.  I believe her sunglasses now reside therein, and travel in some style.

Just made a second one out of amazing orange-patterned-with-chrysanthemum-sorta-fabric.  Black zip and black lining.  I call it The Dark Face of the Chrysanthemumumum.

And yet again - NOT something I actually want around me.  HAD to have the fabric, it spoke (well, more yelled "Look at MOI!") to me and now I am all "eh" about the little baggie wot I have made.

Just as I was doing some hand-stitching to finish it off, she sent me THIS


So I made one just big enough to hold a smallish thimble in blue-check-with-yellow-flowers and pale yellow plain fabric.  It was so eensy i had to cut my narrowest ribbon in half lengthwise to make the tie. 

Might use something bigger than the rim of a soup mug to make the next one.  Whoops.


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