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I hate that next week (which begins in 8 minutes, argh) is a sort of regulated week. 

All my lovely drifty-dreaminess has been for naught - I'm having people for dinner and doing three Feldenkrais classes and having a singing lesson and having a gym session with Mike and decluttering and and AND.

I hate, loathe and despise that the Between Time is very nearly over. 

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I have spent some months eyeing off a painting called The Ace of Spades hanging on the wall of the the fabulous Court Jester cafe (which has original art all over the place).

And today, thanks to December Overtime erv DUME, I was able to put down half the $800 asking price with the artist, and have some weeks to pay off the rest.

Which means $800 that won't be going into my Running Away From Home Fund; or into my Need A New Washing Machine Fund.

However, I will have my painting.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that the artist is working on a mirror-image twin painting.  Gah!

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I'm supposed to be on hols.  But people keep making me do things.

Today I'm doing brunch (well, tea and cake, I'm eating breakfast every morning here so as to stop my digestive system from going feral, buying a kombi van, moving to Nimbin and start selling drugs at festivals) with Kim; then Tom has demanded a rehearsal today of Wagner; then next week I am doing a Feldenkrais course.

Wah!  Don't WANNA.
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I have Goldfish Syndrome: attention span = NO.

By dint of great mental effort, managed to assemble a 6th birthday present for the adorable Miss Beatrice - she wanted coloured pencils.  I obliged with four different sorts, wrote or stickered her name on each one; tied then in bundles, each with a pale pink ribbon and put them in a pink-and-purple-with-lovehearts-rainbows-and-bloody-hell-butterflies pencil case with some other random pink/purple stationary and hair clips thrown in (girly-girlness requirements thus achieved).  Total cost: about $18.  Total auntie awesomeness points=infinity (she has inherited  the Stationery=wants=gets=stars-in-eyes gene, it is too cute).

Also managed to remember to post birthday card to father.  It had the most awful pun about the lesser of two weevils, so of course it was perfect for the man who can actually stop a family dinner in full flight (especially OUR family) cold with the horror of his puns.  So far his gold-standard effort, upon watching his first infant granddaughter be passed around like a parcel was to remark that she was a "lap-tot". 


(No really, we're very sorry.  we can't take him anywhere.)

Kindilan came over and we went to one of those factory outlet places, and it re-melted my just-barely-reconstituted brain (*sigh*).  Got a present for the pregnant manager's new baby-to-be and a birthday present for Miss Josephine (which is in June so I had a smug moment); but otherwise: NO.

We came back and painted our nails: Kindi went for green; I have a fetching shimmery purple. 

I made garlic mashed potato for dinner (well, garlic, seed mustard, salt, pepper, herbs, mozzarella cheese and butter mashed potato, but that takes too long to type).

Also invited two sets of peeps to dinner next week.  Kindi made me watch Jamie Oliver's latest online and I think I want to try doing these 30-minute meals.  Apparently the crew gets to eat it after he's prepared each meal - only fair after having to film it methinks!

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I've completely lost track.

We now approach the "very short and banal posts" part of the program, because:

(a) Alexandra is letting her nails grow and that makes typing trickier; but they do grow out very nicely and the multi-coloured polish is so preeetty
(b) I've slipped a little into the Eternal Now where all moments are part of the Moment That Is.  It's nice.

Anyway, today is working on the house a little more.  I have to go shopping and do a re-stock, including dishwashing liquid, because apparently that becomes an issue when you start doing dishes regularly WHO KNEW.


Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:31 pm
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I've fully decelerated from December. 

The hours in a day still trickle past slowly, but I have lost that frantic undercurrent of: I have to BE somewhere, THERE IS SOMETHING I SHOULD BE DOING.

And Tom the Accompanist rang me today and we will start  with a little Wagner on Thursday (ie, don't want to unwind too far that the spring loses all of its sproing).


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