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Sep. 26th, 2007 06:58 pm
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Just back from the gym and GLOWING somewhat (rather like my cute new little userpic).

But I've finally finally FINALLY got there and almost very nearly under my own steam too.  

(Thanks btw to [profile] depleaterwho was waiting for [profile] whooz_queen to come out of our building and who cheerfully - if bemusedly - acceded to my plea to walk the 100 metres with me to the gym building to make sure I went in).

And I didn't melt or explode or turn into a Liberal voter or whatever it was my subconscious was worried would happen.  Ha!

Paradoxically my fitness is better but my heartrate when I go hard on something is a bit more elevated than either Mike the Personal Trainer or myself would like.  

The iRiver was all loaded up with new boppy songs and I swear it gives you a new lease on life at the gym, especially during cardio sessions.  Best new songs to sweat to: Grace Kelly and Love Today by Mika.  That boy can sing and I could listen to him forever.

22 minutes on the treadmill (I added an extra minute after I got a bit carried away and sent the iRiver flying off the treadmill and had to scramble off to get it.  Just as well my face was already bright red, no need to spare my blushes).

Then 10 minutes on the bike and finally a nice steady 1500m on the ergo.  

I spent ten minutes attempting to teach a young lad who got on the ergo next to me and was just doing it appallingly How Not To Screw Up His Back and Row Efficiently and he sort of got it but he was in the headspace of realising he needed to learn and yet not wanting to admit that he needed to.  Ah well.  When I explained why the most efficient way to row grew out of having to handle a 12-foot oar and why the ergo mimicked this, he just went "whatever", so this is my thought also - let his parents pay for his chiropractic and physio.

Have finished dripping sweat so am now orff home.


Jun. 14th, 2007 07:10 pm
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Tonight was less on the cardio (and I can never hear that word without thinking of Kimmoi going "And what about Italian names, loike Cardio - Cardio MyoFAHRction?") and more on the weights part of my split routine.

About half the sweat stain this time (yes - disgusting as it may be, I'm terrifically proud of my sweat stain), but lots of wobbling limbs as I came down the stairs and into the blessedly cold night.  About halfway between the Union and my building it became just plain Bloody Freezing.  

As I was stumping over the last few yeards and the foyer was in sight, I ran into Adam and Belle, who had, apparently, also been off doing exercise.  I say "apparently", because they looked all pretty and rugged-up, instead of standing there steaming like I was.  I guess you recover more quickly if you're already slim.

Tomorrow is Mike and Measurements.

I say: bring it on!
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Just done some cardio and weights.

In retrospect, my experiment of using the incline function of the treadmill was not exactly a roaring success.  Even the first increment (0.5 - of what, I don't know, I'm still only new at these machines that have an instrument panel like that of a small but sleek and shiny aircraft) had me actually puffing and blowing.  So I only did 12 minutes at 0.5.  The rest of the time I was happy to see the more user-friendly 0.0.

I tried four Mad Minutes in my 20 and it is a very useful tool for keeping me Not Bored (apparently it does something for your fitness too, but I will leave that to Mike to worry about).  

Then I girded my loins and Activate!d my Abs and did step-ups.  I hate, loathe, despise and abhor step-ups.  And I don't like them either.   But I chugged through my 40.  EUGH.

After all that, the lat pull-downs were something of an anti-climax.

But then I got to do my stretches All On My Own in the Birdcage, which was fun.  I even did a couple on the poster, just to see if I could look like the intensely fit black dude in the pictures.

And finally I droobled into the Stretching Mat area, which has lovely thick acrobatics mats on both sides on the mezzanine for to do the stretcy stuff and Activate!ing practice on my back.  

This is an interesting area, because the Cardio and Other Girlie Pursuits (where I go) are up on the top floor and the Big Grunty Weights Can There Ever BE Enough Mirrors (where all the biggish boys go) are on the bottom floor.....but denizens of both domains come to the Stretching Area which is on the mezzanine.

So there we all were, lying on these mats (one each with towels laid down) doing stretchy things; and things with those big exercise balls; and things with hand weights; and if you closed your eyes, you'd think you'd wandered onto the set of an *ahem* fillum because of the generic techno music and the puffing, panting and groaning and rhythmic grunting floating on the air.  

And on that note, I'm off in search of a well-earned dinner. 

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Today was a Trainer day, so I betook myself off to the gym to continue my voyage of discovery with Mike the Personal Trainer.

A word on Mike: he is a very nice, encouraging and pleasant-looking man and vaguely charismatic.  Certainly he is a very firm sort of person, especially when I am carrying on ever so slightly like a pork chop.

But he is in NO way anything like the personal trainers on the telly and for this I am profoundly grateful.  I think it would muck up the process (for me at least) if he was all sort of hot and tattooed and blokey, like Shannon, for example.

Anyway, the official word is that all my hard work over the last ten days has made a slight dent in my lack of fitness.  

So now I can do 20 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5km/h and today Mike introduced me to Mad Minutes (well, this is what I call them, I think he called them 'increments', but that's sort of boring) where you take it up to 6km/h for a minute every two or three minutes in your 20.  Apparently intensity=good.

Did the same thing on the bike.  Lots of checking of my heart rate and it did all the correct things (phew!).

I even got back on the ergo and did 1000m (yup - a kilometre!) in 5 minutes and 19 seconds.  I was quite proud of that.  It was hard to take it slowly - my habits from all those years ago kicked in and Mike was all "Sit on a three minute - okay, sit on a 2:45 split time" and I just kept wanting to do my old split time of 2:33 (for non-rowers - that's how long it would take you on average to do 500 metres) and at about 21 strokes per minute.  Did a sprint for the last hundred metres just to show off, and ended up grunting a bit.   Not attractive. Nope.

Finally did some Ab Activate! revision (and I have HOMEWORK - I have to practice Activate!ing my Abs and use other muscles at the same time - eep) and some stretches.

There was a cry of "tell us of the gym!" and the best thing about it is the Birdcage.  THEY call it the Stretching cage, but if you took a birdcage big enough to hold a person and cut it in half, then that is the Stretching Cage.  It has a sprung floor and posters of stretches you can do all over it.  I love doing the one where you just hang from the top bars and feel everything click back into place.

On Friday: the weigh-in to see if I've shifted any as cf putting on muscle which I KNOW I've done.


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