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Oh yeah, there's been the consumption of sugary things.   So five days of effort and two days of "ah fuck".

Pushing the reset button tomorrow morning.

But in the meantime I have gone with may-as-well-be-hung-for-a-sheep-as-for-a-lamb (and you know, my great-great-great-grandfather very nearly was) and thought: buggrit, I shall roam around on the internets being a fangirl.

So go on, have some snorfle-worthy linkspam:

What if Buffy, Sookie Stackhouse and that sonky twat (ironic, cos I don't think she knows she has one) from T*****t all went on a talk show as the Women Who Love Vampires?  If ever you needed confirmation that Joss did it first and best here it is....

And of course, the converse: how do you suppose William the Bloody (Awful Poet) would react to Edward-Cullen-he's-no-Mr-Darcy??  Two words: Jurik demon.  (Go. Read.  And don't be drinking liquids when you do.)

And finally:

Time Lord vs Angel (of the) Lord Smackdown!

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dear god there is sugar in EVERYTHING.

I may have to stick to drinking water and eating raw vegetables.

Have done three (very lacklustre) gym sessions this week, so that's....something.
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At least this time coming off the sugar I'm not a grade-A beyatch.  I've just fried my logic circuits instead.
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Did not eat enough today, due to meetings and missing breakfast and too much coffee.

But I did only eat when I was hungry and I don't think I ate things with sugar in them.

Melinda fed me dinner with many yummy Japanese things in it. 
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I posted this on the 5th of February last year, and it ended up being quite a successful campaign:

I'm not religious, but as the early Christians liked to piggyback their Issues on local traditions and create "new" festivals (only suck all the fun and blood out of them and make them all Grim), I thought I'd piggyback on the piggyback, and steal Giving It Up for Lent. 

As I don't drink (much), and I don't go on spending sprees (on the whole) and as Jensen Ackles has, lamentably, failed to knock on my door and demand a couple of months' worth of passionate encounters leading to the discovery of his poor, wracked body sometime in April slumped in the mean streets of Northcote (selfish bastard); this shortens my list considerably of Things I Can Give Up.  Thinking upon my excesses, I have decided that for 40 days and nights, yea, even when I am bored out of my skull, I SHALL NOT:

1.  eat sweet things  (yer traditional lenten thing I have been told.  Catch me giving the money I would have spent on sweeties to the missions though - I think not, little puppy!). 

2.  Read fanfic.  (It's been getting a little obsessive, especially as I have developed a taste for cheesy RPS, and as we all know there is no excuse, EVER, for reading RPS.)

Frankly, I think the sweet things resolution is going to be easier. 

So I'm doing the same thing again, (starting tomorrow) only I'm starting three weeks early, making it The Very Long Lent Indeed. 

I've even gone and got m'self an new icon for it - if I could look as nicely voluptuous as one of those ladies, that would be most satisfactory.  Look, they're even holding apples.  (Yes, I KNOW the Graces and the Apples are all metterforical, but they're nice healthy-seeming metterfers).

Just to refine the rules (which is what happened last year anyway) -

1. "not eat sweet things" = not eating things that have sugar in them.  Basically, most processed foods.  And which resulted in situations such as me scaring the crap out of Jim and Elley one day when I unthinkingly dumped sugar in my latte and then I yelped and held out the latte and said "argh argh take it away IT HAS SUGAR IN IT" and watching them try not to laugh.

2. Not do fangirlish things. 

wish me luck.  Normal service will be resumed on Sunday 12th April.


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