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Going back to the salt mines in two days, argh.

And after a week of Feldenkrais classes (which works in with the neuroplasticity stuff I am currently all over, hurrah!) and chiropractic and staying up late, I'm kinda pooped.

But this is just dreary news.  Instead, have Madeline Kahn being unbelievably fabulous.

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  just back from the gym and it was a rather lacklustre effort - nothing fast or fun - felt like I was pushing shit uphill with a pointed stick at times.

Still, 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, and did my weights.  

But the Clueless Men of the Melbun Yewni gym saw me through - one of them making such a dog's breakfast of doing an ergo that I laughed all the way up the stairs from the Big Boys Area and then one of them doing some lovely muscly things on the other side of the weights machine.  ooo-er. 
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Just back from my daily workout.

In the words of Col. Jack O'Neill:


I thought the first two weeks would be the hardest (and they weren't a picnic, that's for sure) but this is turning into the week 'o' doom (and sweat, lots and LOTS of sweat).

I had to force myself through all of my cardio routine...and when I say "force", I mean I had to pick up each foot as an act of will and and move myself over to each machine.   

I say again: EUCH.

Maybe I need more fibre.  Or red meat.  Or a bloody big drink. 

Had fun today doing a little collaborative project with Mary: my sister suggested for Josie's 7th birthday that I buy her the latest "hot hits" album as Josie loves bouncing about to music.  

Had a chat to Mary - Mary is Melinda's flatmate and one of those Music Maven types.  She is Popular Culture Queen also.  She took me on a guided tour of her iPod and we chose 17 tracks that were bouncy and not horribly overtly about - well, about the things rock'n'pop is usually about.  

I drew the line at Muse and Blink 182, but otherwise there's some great stuff on the CD.  I got a pink blank CD (as in: the CD is pink as well as the case) and did a cute little cover for the case.  And thus the album "Just for Josephine" has come into being.  Must send it up to her tomorrow so it is there in time.  Who knows how slow the mail delivery is to Bemboka.  What if the horse gets sick?

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Not long back from the gym.

Because I don't like doing the exercise bike, I got on the rowing ergo instead, visions of the hours (and hours) I used to spend on the damn things back in the 90s springing to mind.

Only managed 800 metres in 5 minutes and only on 3 out of a possible resistance of 10.  (Used to do 1km in 5 minutes and sitting on at least 6 or 7).  Decided not to push it with a sprint at the end like I used to - softly softly catchee monkey and all that.

Technique still okay though - the big tummy helpeth not, but I can still keep my fingers light and my arms and back straight with the best of them.

There was a VERY pretty boy on the ergo three along from me and he was SO a schoolboy (if not a varsity) rower or I miss my guess - his rhythm was beautiful, so I just fell in with his stroke and even got into the zone for a whole 30 seconds.

Had a lesson today - my voice was clear and pretty and lasted very nearly for all of the lesson.  I'm now feeling like I may have a vocal future.


May. 23rd, 2007 06:15 pm
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After my first session with Mike the Personal Trainer yesterday, I have just come back from the gym after doing my little routine solo this evening.

I'm all sticky!

I had a good look around the gym while I was pounding the beat on my treadmill because about the only perk in all this pain* is having a perv at the pretty boys as they glisten up.   

But mostly it was other girlies and ALL of them were about half my width and looking at me with their nostrils slightly flared.  Might be a gym-junkie 'hello' gesture, might not.  Time will tell.

So I concentrated on the only other thing you have to do in a gym these days which is concentrate on NOT singing out loud when the music on your ipod gets to the good bit.  

*okay, so 'pain' is a strong word - but if some of the men I'd slept with had been as stiff as I am right now, there's a chance I wouldn't have thrown them aside like used tissues. 


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