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Although my eyes are falling out of my head in tiredness, I feel moved to blog before it hits midnight and recount How I Turned 40 and driven home to me anew How Fortunate I Am in Having the Peeps  Around Me That I Do That Have Obviously Been Vouchsafed to Me By a Benevolent Something or Other....

6th August

5pm Get given Lindt chocolate by Louisa from the LFR faculty

6.30pm Turn up at Elley's and get lovely schnitzel dinner, company, tea, cake and hugs, as well as support for me going to see Vampire Weekend at the Prince of Wales bandroom ON MY OWN.

11:30pm Leave Prince of Wales Bandroom after seeing Little Red (yays) and Vampire Weekend (*kermit-like flail and general squeement and much love and happiness for the Vamp boys who delivered a red-hot show*) and drive home in happy, damp, slightly deaf bubble of "huzzah!".

7th August

12.01am Turn 40

12.04am Get SMS from Melinda saying "Happy Birthday"

1am-6.30am Sleep

7.04am Birthday SMS from Imelda

7.15am Parental Units ring up and sing at me chirpily as part of their Ongoing Program of Revenge for some years of interrupted sleep.

8am pick up Melinda and come into work.

9.20am get GORGEOUS earrings from Jodes.

Rest of day: emails and phone calls from many people to say happy birthday, including Kim and Justin calling from MACAO in CHINA (and sounding improbably like "Teeth in a Glass" from the Kenny Everett Show.)

2pm: Imelda comes onto campus and visits me with the good news that Elley's bone marrow biopsy went well.  Also gives me pretty bling of delicate fake-diamondy nature.

6pm: Join the parental units, Jodes and Melinda at the Oriental Tea House in the city for dinner and green tea.   Wearing pretty bling from lovely friends.  Have fun watching my parents do their Double Act thing.  Get given Metronome and Tuner device so as I can go practice singing anywhere!  Hurrah!

8pm Go with Melinda and Jodes to Max Brenner's.  Fiona calls to say happy birthday.  Eat banana + hazelnut praline + chocolate crepes and have spicy chilli hot chocolate. 

At this point I decide that life cannot get much better, because there is nothing nicer than being with friends and chatting and eating yummy things and yes, I was tired and sort of having an existential crisis and not coping with being done with My Youf and wondering "well what the fuck do I do now?" while simultaneously wondering if it was so very shallow that I thought I looked pretty damned good in my new peacock-coloured shiny shirt and pretty new jewellery and then the Unwiseness of having both a hot chocolate AND a chocolate dish from Max Brenner's was Made Apparent to me and that sort of blotted out the rest.

11:30pm Home and moved to blog. 

So here's the take-home messages for the last 24 hours:

- how cool is it when people give me pretty jewellery that perfectly matches the outfit I brought with me but haven't even put on yet?
- 40 is an interesting milestone.  In a way, it's a huge relief and now I can get on with the rest of my life.  I have no idea what happens next: this both terrifies and interests me in about equal amounts
- it certainly doesn't bother me when people go: 'You're 40?? no WAY!"  I put it down to (very nearly almost) clean living...
- I need to get more sleep

Speaking of which: good night to all. and to all, a good night.
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This was up on Mr N. Gaiman's website and I LERVED it. 

This group reminds me a band from the 60s, very spare, clean sound and they all have a Look that should be on a black and white TV.

I went and looked up the lyrics and read them twice and have not the faintest idea about what this is about; but who cares when you can combine the words "Oxford", "Lama", "Chapstick", "coal" and "Comma" (and, indeed "fuck") in a happy boppy song?

I should like some of whatever the drummer is on, please.


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