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The magnolia is starting its sloooow explosion of colour and complete awesome...but it's not quite into the Full Gobsmackery just yet.

Next sunday (29th) I shall be having my magnolia tree appreciation afternoon tea and scones methinks...

tone cluster

More here!
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My beautiful magnolia tree (see: icon) is working its way up to flowering.

This one peeled off the first layer today:

Magnolia peek

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Yesterday was Glorious.

Capital G intended. As in: full of Glory.

In the horrible deep grey meh of a Melbourne Winter this sometimes arrives: a clear brilliant day, with actual detectable warmth in the sunlight. The city goes very still and quiet as everyone sits or stands around and does their darnedest to photosynthesise; and life seems a little less impossible.

Even my camera got inspired:

red-veined flower

snowdrop and buds

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We begin in the garden (of course):

Some calla lily leaves. I've learned to live with these things - no matter the level of extreme prejudice that I apply to pulling them out, more pop up in their fleshly way. They're sort of pretty in a "should something this lush be in a temperate Melbourne garden in Winter?" sort of way:

shadow lily leaves

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Then this morning I went and interacted with some human beans, including one little bean not long out of the pod:

Mini-me - detail

These were taken in a dim little cafe that is run by French ex-pats who are happy to provide exquisite galettes and coffee and even to listen to one's not-very-good French. But the most important word in that sentence back there was "dim" - and my camera coped pretty well, given I did not want to turn on the flash and upset the little one.

Still, I think there's a nice warm feeling to these photos - Kirsten (the big bean) has a lovely still quality. Keiran (the little bean) does not. But it's part of his charm. And there was much charm to be had, viz:
meet one of our cuter little Australians... )
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Just add rain! 

Especially if you can duck outside during a break between the downpours, when everything is at that still, cold, drippy, hushed stage of the proceedings. 

Then you get the Australian version of Raindrops on Roses; viz:

wet waxflower

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Jun. 2nd, 2010 06:56 pm
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More photography on the most glorious clear day a couple of weekends ago. (Seriously: fathomless blue skies; clear, golden sun; everyone suddenly acting like plants that haven't had a chance to photosynthesise in a while and turning face-up, eyes-closed hummy little faces to the sun...)

I dragged a kitchen chair out into the backyard and pretended to read for Quite Some Time.

Sunday afternoon perch

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